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Trujillo severance package questioned by federal judge

Trujillo severance package questioned by federal judge

The judge called a preliminary hearing last month and set a Sept. 13 hearing for an attorney from the county. The county’s attorneys asked the judge not to grant a severance package, saying it violated the union’s right to bargain, and the judge agreed in May.

It is unclear whether the agreement will have any impact on the fate of the trial, in which Trujillo will represent himself. A statement from Judge Michael S. Schlozman on Wednesday sainatyasastra.comd he expected to rule soon on whether the deal was constitutional.

Trujillo’s contract is with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office through 2016.

A hearing date is also set for Oct. 18, when prosecutors will argue before a judge if they plan to prosecute Trujillo, according 더킹카지노to a court file.

If convicted of the sexual assault charge, Trujillo faces up to 18 months in prison. The district attorney’s office will decide whether to seek the death penalty or life in prison.

Prosecutors have sought a plea deal in the sexual assault case and have said they planned to seek no more than a 10-year sentence. Prosecutors have argued that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to sentence an unarmed man to prison for killing an unarmed man who had his hands behind his back.

Prosecutors also want to prevent Trujillo from seeking any further release after he spends 15 months serving the 15-year term.

As part of the tentative agreement, Trujillo’s lawyers would have to have Trujillo provide the county with certain services in exchange for money to help pay off a portion of his legal tab. Those services include counseling, job placement, housing, legal representation and travel expenses.

The preliminary injunctinatyasastra.comon prevents Trujillo from contacting his former lawyer, Karyn Siska, who is not yet seeking a trial.

The judge’s order would also prevent the county from using the money in any other way.