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Labor greens chase seniors vote with new ad

Labor greens바카라 c바카라hase seniors vote with new ad

It didn’t quite work. At a county fair in rural Stokes, Ohio, Sanders supporters said they weren’t impressed by Clinton’s speech because of all the talking points she left out.

“She didn’t really get the message that our generation needs a major economic and social change. That’s what the campaign has focused on. It’s been a really good day of economic reform,” said Gary Denny, a 63-year-old pensioner from Cleveland. “I thought she said pretty much what the media, and a lot of what Democrats talk about the Republicans do, but I thought it더킹카지노 was kind of vague and vague.”

But that didn’t stop Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein from hitting Sanders for his rhetoric in Stokes. “He talked about’social justice,’ but we don’t need to be a’social justice’ party,” she said.