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I, and hundreds of other people are trustworthy and want to add their music to Geometry Dash. Even though I am disappointed about this, Geometry Dash still deserves 5 stars. It also has one of the smallest star difference with its bonus being of 0(.14) stars apart.

geometry dash

Furthermore, the player can spend an in game currency called mana orbs too. Vehicles – as discussed earlier, the in-game vehicles like the UFO and Spider just add to the fun, allowing players more mobility than just the usual jumping motion. Apart from the vehicles, there are also other add-ons that either make things easier or complicate things for the player. Portals let the player switch vehicles, change the direction of flow of gravity, alter the size of their vehicles, and even mirror their current motion.


Sakupen Hell trades ship flying for fast speed and tight waves. Those sections at 16% and 82% in particular featured tight timings for its day. Though the rest of the level was somewhat tamer, the wave parts were hard enough for Download Geometry Dash Lite APK for Android this level to dethrone Bloodbath. GeoBound of the Ice Gauntlet has a wave section so brutal that you can make it auto at the start of the level. Even then, that won’t save you from the later portions of the level.

When they start getting better, especially when they beat stereo madness or back on track , then they can advance to the next levels referred to as “normal”. There is a practice mode that can be used for any level of Geometry Dash; the great thing is that in this mode, there are checkpoints available. This allows the player to restart at certain points instead of going back to the beginning. Green diamond shaped gems are used to represent the checkpoints.

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Aside there are also has custom levels in the game where notable objects can be used like blocks, rings, jump pads, spikes, portals, and user coins. Dash geometry is available in two variants one is the light version which is free and other is the full version which you need to purchase from the Android store. Geometry dash apk emplees a lot of elementary physics in his game that adds more fun and fly over any growing sense of monotony. An action must have awesome sounds and music and Geometry Dash APK has got brilliant music which keeps you cool geometry dash gratis and interesting in the game. A game becomes addictive due to its level and in Geometry Dash you will get lots of levels with some interesting challenge.

  • Regular stages made by RobTop are quite good and perfectly timed to the music, but you can also make your own levels using the pretty solid editor included with the game.
  • Customisation options can be unlocked by completing achievements, buying from the shops and finding rewards in various chests from gauntlets, the Treasure Room and Basement.
  • One of the icons that can be found in a golden chest in the treasure room resembles the skull from the Doom Gauntlet picture.
  • However, checkpoints may appear in dangerous areas, and may require you to quickly jump after respawning in order to prevent dying again.
  • Click the “Verify integrity of game files … ” button.