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How To Fix Windows 10 Goes To Sleep Randomly Problem

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  • Follow the below instructions in order, if you can.
  • Select “I’m not sure” to search all the folders on your computer, then click on “Next”.
  • It may happen that the MsMPEng.exe service is utilizing unusually high CPU resources.
  • Check your Network Adapters in the Device Manager under the Power Management setting for a box checked “Allow this device to wake the computer”.
  • There is a final solution for you – reinstall Windows, if all the above methods fail to work.

It’s possible that one of the modules is failing and the laptop will start working normally when the faulty module is removed. When the display is closed, it activates the lid close switch and the backlight goes off. Test the laptop with only one memory module installed, try it in different slots. This particular model detects an external monitor automatically. You might have to use Fn+F8 key combination to switch video from the internal to external mode. I have a similar problem where my toshiba M302 screen goes totally blank or the picture becomes unsteady. When I use pegs to hold the sides it becomes temporary steady.When I remove the pegs, it goes blank again.

We Show You How To Fix It When The Internet Is Slow Just On One Computer

No matter which version of driver installed, random crashes, unable to use Netflix at all. Fixed it by installing fresh copy of windows 10 downloaded from microsoft, no HP software or drivers. Do not connect to the Internet until install is complete to ensure installation of Microsoft graphics driver. When you do connect later, Windows will update to the current amd graphics driver giving you problems again. Then you go to the driver in device manager and “roll back” to the previous microsoft driver checking box saying it doesn’t work.

Some Of These Programs Are The Following:

But I thought it should work with the power adapter. So I tried to connect it with the power adapter. It was working fine and suddenly the monitor went black. But I am still able to see the Windows screen faint image.